Electrify NZ Tauranga


301 Maunganui Road
Mt Maunganui


07 925 9920

Opening Hours

Mon - 10am - 3pm
Tue-Fri - 9am - 5pm
Sat - 10am - 3pm
Sunday closed


Electrify NZ Tauranga owner Dan Wallace and his team are always ready to give advice on where to ride and on the best electric bikes for your needs.

Electrify NZ Tauranga

About Electrify NZ Tauranga

Electrify NZ Tauranga are the Bay of Plenty's Electric Bike Specialists. We have a wide range of E-Bikes to cater to all styles of riders, from city and commuter electric bikes to electric mountain bikes. Located at 301 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui and we offer free e-bike test rides, e-bike hire, expert servicing, repairs, and advice.

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