Smartmotion Hypersonic LFC E-Bike
Smartmotion Hypersonic LFC E-Bike


Smartmotion Hypersonic LFC E-Bike

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Size:Small 16.5"
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Smartmotion has always valued innovation – and our newest Hypersonic model carries this philosophy to a new level. The Hypersonic XC trail bike is optimized to bring you premium performance and character while delivering the maximum possible value. Featuring fully customizable plush air forks and rear shock, 11-speed low-ratio gearing and a powerful MOTINOVA mid-drive motor, the Hypersonic is designed to offer you a premium experience while meeting the budget.

The New G5 model comes with lights, fenders, and carrier (LFC) as standard.

*Please note that this product is not recommended for demanding mountain bike riding (e.g. grade 4/5 trails).