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Matty and Sally Lovell are the owners of Electrify NZ Christchurch. They and their team are knowledgeable about electric bikes and local riding options, and are happy to offer advice.

Electrify NZ Christchurch

About Electrify NZ Christchurch

Electrify NZ Christchurch are the city's electric bikes specialists.  We stock a range of quality brands to suit all riders and styles, from commuter e-bikes for Christchurch's new cycle path network through to electric mountain bikes for the nearby parks.  Located in Lichfield St, in the heart of the city we offer free rest rides, quality service and knowledgeable advice. If you are interested in electric bikes and you are based in Christchurch, come and visit us!

Local e-bike ride: The Little River Rail Trail (Christchurch)


The Little River Rail Trail is perfect for Electric Bikes and a great way to explore some of the best scenery Canterbury has to offer. This 44 km-long cycleway runs from Hornby (Christchurch) to Little River on Banks Peninsula. This route follows much of the old railway line that was last used in the 1960s.


Easy grades makes this ride suitable for young children and family groups alike. The trail is a mixture of both paved roads and shingle tracks making it perfect for almost all e bikes, riders and abilities.


You can cycle the whole trail (Hornby – Little River) however the most popular section is the 20 kilometres between Motukarara and Little River.  This can make a perfect return ride of approximately 40km.

Motukarara is a short drive from Central Christchurch and from there, the Rail trail runs alongside both Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere) and Te Roto o Wairewa (Lake Forsyth). The railway embankment is raised above both lakes and adjoining wetlands which offers magnificent views of the bodies of water, the distant Southern Alps, and also the prolific birdlife.

The trail passes the Kaituna Quarry Reserve, the Kaituna Lagoon and Kaitorete Spit, the largest landform of its type in New Zealand. There is significant natural, cultural and historical interest along this section of the route. A small brick building near the Kaituna Quarry was used to store explosives, and there are the concrete remains of a WWII radar station near the lake edge.

The original Motukarara station was restored and relocated on to the trail at the Fiddlers Road entrance by the Lincoln Rotary Club, who were also responsible for landscaping the Station area.

Little River itself is a quaint kiwi town filled with cafes and gifts shops that are ideal for a coffee or ice cream before you jump back on your electric bike to make the return trip.

Toilets and parking are available at Prebbleton, Lincoln, Motukarara, Ataahua, Birdlings Flat, Cantons Bay, and Little River.

Things to note about the Little River Rail Trail:


·      Much of the trail passes through farmland and important wildlife area so dogs are not allowed on the Motukarara to Little River section.

·       Some sections involve cycling on active roads.

·       Carry drinking water with you is recommend as none is available on this track. 

·       Christchurch has a relatively stable climate however some sections of the trail are exposed to the weather so checking the report before heading out is recommended.

·       In summer clouds of lake flies can be an issue. Riders are advised to protect their eyes with sun glasses. 

·       Make sure your E bike is fully charged before leaving as there are now accessible charging stations along the track.

·       Christchurch is a predominately flat city and the Little River rail trail is nearly all flat.

·       The Track is open to Electric Bikes, traditional cyclists and walkers so please always be considerate of other users.

·       The Little River trail was opened in 2003 and has since won the title of best cycle facility in New Zealand

·       Regulate updates about this rail trail be be found at www.littlerivertrail.kiwi.nz

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