Referral offer: $200 store credit with any e-bike purchase

Terms and Conditions

Previous customers of Electrify NZ have been supplied with a unique code. A new Electrify NZ customer (“new customer”) who presents this code and purchases a new electric bike will be entitled to a $200 store credit which can be used towards servicing and accessories of the customers choice.

The previous customer (“referring customer”) will also receive a $200 credit (for use on servicing or accessories of their choice) after the above purchase.

The new customer will receive a $200 credit at the store where they purchased the bike. The referring customer will receive their $200 credit at the store where they were originally a customer. The offer may be redeemed at all 9 Electrify NZ stores around New Zealand.

Electrify NZ has electric bike stores around New Zealand

The $200 credit for the new customer is not to be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts. If there is another offer or discount available to the new customer, the new customer may choose to use that instead of the $200 credit.  Applies to new bikes only, not ex demos or rentals 

Referring customers may accrue multiple $200 credits if they have referred multiple customers. The credit will not apply where referred customers are already existing Electrify NZ customers or are eligible for a special offer through their employer.

Store credit expires 2 years from the commencement of the promotion (4.3.2021). The promotion ends on 30.4.2019 but may be extended at the discretion of Electrify NZ.