Graziella by Bottecchia, folding e-bike


  • $2,599.00

  • $2,260.00 excl. GST (15%)

The Graziella is the classiest folding e-bike on the market.

The folding bike was popularised in the 1960s when the Italian Graziella became the bicycle of choice for Bridgitte Bardot, Salvador Dali and a new generation.

Fifty years later, the Graziella remains a style icon and the electric version, the Genio, combines the very best of timeless design and the latest technology.

Hand-built in Italy, the Graziella Genio features a rear-hub motor and super slimline battery that keeps weight down, while allowing a range of up to 50km.

The built-in chain guard ensures your clothes are protected, while the carry rack and integrated lights make it perfect for the commute or shopping trip.

The bike can be accessorised with a full range of Italian-designed, Graziella-branded accessories - including eco leather front and rear carry bags, a seatpost purse or a convenient carry case.

***Available in New Zealand from April